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Blazing your own trail. Setting your own standards. Going above and beyond. These are just some of Mazda’s core beliefs guiding development of the all-new Mazda2. By travelling our own unique, uncharted course we not only satisfied all the essential demands of the class, but also achieved unprecedented values never seen before in a compact car. Mazda2’s styling is a dynamic expression of presence and vitality, way above the class conventions. A full suite of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY delivers sure-footed, full-blooded Jinba-Ittai performance along with superior environment-compatibility. And advanced safety features support your driving for complete peace of mind and enjoyment of the road. Just a single glance invites you to get in and drive. And every drive is an involving, exciting, emotionally-satisfying experience. New Mazda2: always a smile on your face and unlimited driving pleasure in your heart.

Rich expression of explosive vitality gives class-dominating presence

Mazda’s KODO — Soul of Motion design language captures the coiled power, vitality and grace of a wild animal in motion and brings it to vivid life within the compact dimensions of new Mazda2. Richly sculpted forms and forward-inclined lines create a well-planted look of vigorous motion, delivering an overwhelmingly powerful visual presence far beyond any other vehicle in the class.

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