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All children instinctively know it. A few adults still remember it. At Mazda we refuse to outgrow it. In grown up words it means the emotion of motion.
We call it Zoom-Zoom. Find out more.

» Mazda Reveals Next-Generation ‘SKYACTIV’ Technologies
» Mazda Announces New Design Theme: ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’
» Mazda Releases All-New 4WD Mazda Premacy in Japan
» All-New Mazda Premacy Proves Popular in Japan
» Mazda SKY Concept Powertrains and Premium Sporty Mazda8 Minivan on Display at Beijing Motor Show

Many different designs for rotary mechanisms have been attempted over the last 400 years, but what makes the NSU-Wankel engine, which Mazda adopted, stand out is... more.


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